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How-to-change-careers-in 50s

How to Change Careers in your 50’s

7 Essential Tips for a Successful Career Change: Many people over 50 will consider changing careers with motivations ranging from pursuing a passion and reducing stress to redundancy. Whatever your motivation, putting in the right preparation can make the transition less daunting. In the past, it was usual to spend our entire working life in the one career, but nowadays it is becoming increasingly common to have multiple career changes. In fact, the average person

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What is SEO and Why Does it Matter?

You may have heard the term SEO tools before, or perhaps you’ve Googled SEO, but what does it actually mean, and do I really need to know about it? In short, if you’re in business, have a website and rely on customer traffic then Yes, SEO does matter a great deal. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms it means the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in

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Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

Do You Make These Mistakes in SEO?

If you’re daunted by the details of Search Engine Optimization, trust me, you’re not alone! Oftentimes, it can be like looking into a crystal ball and trying to pull out tiny bits of information hoping Google will be kind to you. SEO can be complicated but there are things you can do to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. You don’t need a degree in computer science to master these steps and increase your SEO. Let’s

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the next normal

The Next “normal.” What are the Key Factors that Business Leaders Should Keep in Mind as 2021 Unfolds?

The Next “Normal.” What are the Key Factors that Business Leaders Should Keep in Mind as 2021 Unfolds? The economic and social upheaval caused by the global pandemic is devastating. Political, environmental and health challenges mean that business has adapted quickly to meet the challenges of a ‘new normal.’ But what is the next ‘normal? The past century is a good reference point to determine the future. British statesman and Prime Minister (1940–45, 1951–55) Winston

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Guest Post: Craft Your Content

To Do or Not to Do? The Art of Avoiding Procrastination January 21, 2021  Articles Writing  By Patricia Allen I have taught and mentored many students over the years, and what I can say in all honesty is that each one, at some point, suffered from procrastination. Suffering from procrastination might sound rather harsh, but when a student is sitting in front of you, despairing about not being able to write, it seems appropriate. Defining procrastination is hard,

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White Papers

White Papers: What Are They and Why Are They So Effective?

White Papers: What Are They and Why Are They So Effective? A white paper is a valuable, authoritative, research report that provides useful information and educates your audience. They help the reader understand an issue, help solve a problem, or decide on a course of action. White papers are considered to be the most influential form of business collateral and 76% of people have used white papers as part of their decision making process.  But,

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