In the world of B2B White Papers are one of the most effective marketing tools to reach your colleagues and clients.

What is a White Paper?

As a white paper writer, I can confirm that the days of boring, uninspiring white papers are over. They have come a long way.

At their core, white papers offer a compelling story to highlight industry expertise as well as your ability to deliver a quality, finished product. It is a persuasive, in depth report on a particular topic that presents a challenge/problem and offers a solution. They are about educating your audience and establishing your business as a thought leader.

The Marketing Power of White Papers

White papers attract decision makers. Plain and simple.

The type of content produced in a well written white paper is consumed by buyers- those who make strategic decision, those who have control over budgets, those who want a fact based, detailed report.

There is a simple question to ask: Who would you rather buy from? A company that researched and produced a multiple-page report that walked you through a solution, or one that didn’t?

Your answer…

That is the power of a well-researched and written white paper and it’s why I love writing them because they:

    • Build credibility and trust with readers
    • Generate top leads
    • Establish your business as the go-to expert in your field

Writing White Papers

White papers suit my skill set and experience.

I have been writing academic articles for many years and I enjoy the challenge of taking complex services/products and converting this information into reliable, well researched, problem based solutions.

“A truly great white paper is educational and even ground-breaking. It should have your prospects nodding in agreement as they read it. They should come away better informed and believing that you clearly grasp their problem and understand how to fix it.”

— Justin Pugsley, How to Use White Paper to Sell to Businesses

My career as a researcher, academic writer and executive allow me to write with authority and engage your audience to maximize your sales results.

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