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Blog Content Creating

Is your content marketing driving you crazy?
Are you struggling to come up with ideas for your blog?
You know what you want to say but just can’t put it into words.
Choose me to write your content for you. I’ll work with you to create engaging, structured posts that will rank well and can be easily shared on social media.

eBooks & White Papers

I write content that compels, clarifies and educates demonstrating thought leadership and differentiating your brand.
I don't just start conversations, I nurture them by creating content that builds relationships and cultivates leads

Case Studies and Website Copy

Case Studies give your business more credibility and a real-life description of:
How your product or service works
The tangible benefits
What you are like to do business with
In essence, they are the ultimate testimonial. I am able to interview your customers with sensitivity. Importantly, I ask the right questions to gain a clear picture of the purpose and the benefits of your business as it relates to your customers.
I can deliver copy for your website including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) making sure your website is found, is user friendly for the consumer and optimizes the searchability of your site.

Newsletters and Brochures

Stories matter.
Well written ones make magic happen.
Great content inspires, entertains and educates.
It builds relationships, creating credibility and trust in your business. By sharing great stories about your business, I'll help it to grow.
I write inspiring content that starts a conversation with your prospects and empathizes with their needs.

Your Needs Are My Priority.
Let's Unlock the Power of Your Stories


I work closely with B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content that converts viewers into customers.

Allenwrite Consulting

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