Case Studies Give Your Business More Credibility and a Real-Life Description of:


    • How your product/service works
    • The tangible benefits
    • What you are like to do business with

Case Studies are the Ultimate Testimonial

A testimonial may build a bridge to your customers. But, a well written case study gives you the freeway and traffic as well!

What is a Case Study?

Case studies offer real life examples of how your product or service has helped your clients.

Similar to white papers, It helps customers picture how your product/service will fit into their lives.

Case studies can be the missing piece that persuades customers to buy from you.

What the Research Says

    • According to a Brightlocal consumer review survey 82% of consumers read online reviews with 52% of 18-24 year old’s saying they ‘always’ read reviews.
    • This demonstrates that the majority of peole are looking to peers to make a purchasing decision.
    • According to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report 2020, case studies are the 5th most popular media tool outshined only by visual content blogs and ebooks.
    • The Content Marketing Institute (2018) reported that case studies are one of the most effective tools in helping business achieve their objective

So, you know case studies work.

Why I Want to Write Your Case Study

I’m a story teller and I love talking to real people about real issues.

I am able to interview your customers with sensitivity. Importantly, I ask the right questions to gain a clear picture of the purpose and the benefits of your business as it relates to your customers with a knack for uncovering the most positive story.

A well written case study will help potential customers connect with your business

Let me write your Case study to add authenticity to your business, credibility and social proof that your product/service has helped others solve a challenge or achieve their goals. And that you are the company customers should do business with.