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My name is Patricia Allen and I am the founder of Allenwrite Consulting (content writing and editing), based in beautiful Sydney.

Allenwrite Consulting focuses on your business needs by providing professional content writing and personalised attention to meet your communication goals.

I am an experienced writer with a background in research, a degree in English and a Masters of Education. I have written professionally for over 15 years in academic journals and presented at National Research Conferences.

As an Executive Director, Writer and Researcher, I understand how to engage and persuade potential customers. Most importantly, my clients are guaranteed to receive tailor-made support, personal contact and the best professional service for all your content requirements.



I have the knowledge and expertise to help engage your audience and build your business.

I write valuable, authoritative, briefing documents, white papers, case studies and content on topical business issues.

I will establish your organisation as a Voice in your Industry.

As a professional editor and proofreader, I will look at your writing with fresh eyes and bring industry experience and technical know-how to the task.

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My passion is using words to make an impact. If you need an experienced writer to help you market your brand and build your business.
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