How Much Does a White Paper Cost?


It’s an important question to ask. Rates will vary depending on the length and requirements of your white paper. Contact me by completing my WP Quote form. From there we can discuss your needs and I can give you an honest, no hidden fees, no obligation quote.

The return on Investment (ROI) for a well written white paper is significant. At the very least, for B2B operations, they establish your organization as a voice in your industry.  A recent Forbes magazine survey revealed that 63% of businesses use white papers and case studies to evaluate products and services.

Don’t risk your valuable time and resources on a poorly researched and written white paper. So, choose your writer carefully. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and I take my research seriously.

Planning Your Authortative White Paper

Planning is an essential part of the process. I will never begin writing a white paper without one. I listen carefully to your needs and ensure the plan is accurate right from the start.

White Paper Planning Fee


You’ll receive a copy of this plan. The choice is then yours. Hire me to write your white paper, look for another writer, or complete the white paper with in-house resources.

What You’ll Receive

    • A plan that covers the entire project
    • Precise framework and goals
    • Clarity about the target audience
    • Draft organization of white paper
    • Suggested call to action
    • SEO- target key word research
    • Overview of the content
    • Research leads
    • A realistic schedule for completion
    • An honest quote to complete your white paper

Payment Terms

Planning fee payable in advance before I start work.

Turnaround Time

Approx. one week. I will communicate clearly on progress.

Let’s Start Planning

Please complete my WPQ form. From there we can discuss your B2B white paper and I can give you a free, no-obligation quote.

Writing Your Authoritative White Paper

White papers remain one of the most powerful tools for B2B marketing. Success comes with planning. Regardless of the subject matter or complexity, I take a systematic, proven approach to writing your white paper.

White Paper Rates

This depends on the length and complexity of the subject whilst considering your requirements. A good budgeting guideline is $4000- $7000.

What You’ll Get

    • Easy to use and track project management document
    • Synopsis- including main issues, language/tone of voice and proposed solutions
    • Outline for approval
    • Extensive research
    • Clear and concise SEO friendly copy
    • Draft delivered in Microsoft word
    • Professional design is available for an additional fee
    • Guaranteed satisfaction. I’m not happy until you are!

Payment Terms

    • 50% payable upfront before I start work.
    • 50% payable on final delivery.

Let’s Get Started

Contact me by completing my WP Quote form. From there, we can discuss your B2B white paper and I can give you a free, no-obligation quote.

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