Why Case Studies Should be Part of Your Marketing Mix

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Looking for a new way to showcase your best successes? It’s time to consider the Case Study.


It allows you to share your success stories from a customer’s perspective in a compelling way. Most importantly, case studies avoid the ‘hard sell.’ It’s your customers’ stories that are the focus. Case studies examine how their problems or pain points are solved.

The power of storytelling is well known. That’s what a case study is- the story of how you solved a challenging problem for your target market. Case studies are the ultimate testimonial because they focus on real people and real issues in an authentic way. You get to demonstrate how you bring value to current and future customers.

What Can a Case Study be Used For?

Case studies can be used to:

  • Introduce new products.
  • Showcase different applications.
  • Prove your value to your customers.
  • Update new offerings.
  • Provide the ultimate testimonial.

Why Do Case Studies Work?

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Case studies should be part of every marketing strategy. They’re effective because there’s no marketing sales pitch. If written well, they will connect with your reader and inform in a genuine, empathetic way.

Case studies lay out the facts and allow the reader to draw positive conclusions. They build credibility and complement your brand storytelling.

What are the Essential Elements of a Case study?

Case studies must be a true example of how a customer benefited from your product or service. It should be written as a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Don’t leave the writing of your case study to chance. Hire a writer who knows the art and craft of storytelling. Everyone can write, but not everyone can write well!

  • Choose a scenario that your target audience can relate to.
  • Provide valuable information that informs and helps to solve a typical problem.
  • It must connect with your audience.
  • Give background details to explain the scenario, helping the reader to identify with the issue.
  • Describe the challenges and the compelling ‘why’ of the problem.
  • Provide enough facts to make the case study clear and credible.
  • Case studies should provide a solution.
  • Explain how the problem was solved and the result achieved.

Add Testimonials to Give Your Case Study the Wow Factor

Direct quotes from a customer adds credibility and empathy to a case study. When was the last time you bought anything online without reading a review or looking at the star rating?

Testimonials act as the ultimate selling point for your business, without you having to ‘sell’ anything. Include graphics and photos to make your case study easy to read.

End with A Call To Action

If your case study is well written, you have connected with the reader’s problem and provided a solution. They have come to trust who you are and what you are offering. Your Call To Action should prompt the reader to take the next step. It should not be a hard sell. Respect the relationship you have built with your reader and make it easy for them to engage with your business.

Make your contact information clear and emphasize what you can do to help them solve their problem as you’ve done for other customers.

Repurpose Your Case Study

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Get the most value from your case study by repurposing your content. With some quick modification, they can be used for:

  • Brochures
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Social media and more.

If you need an experienced writer who knows how to connect with your customers through storytelling, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m here to help!

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